Centre Stage have collectively brought together artists from their open-mic community to contribute to this commission. Different voices combine their perspective on this one music single. They have writen lyrics to show their experience of lockdown. Whether that’s BLM, Covid-19, not seeing family or being able to freely speak/ chase their dreams due to what’s going on politically, environmentally, mentally and emotionally.

Full lyrics can be found here.

About the Artist

Centre Stage is an event platform for artists & creatives from the performing arts industry. In partnership with Poplar Union, thy provide a safe, comfortable and inclusive space for emerging artists to showcase their talents. It is a great place to gig, network and enjoy live music and local talent. At Centre Stage they also have an artist development programme in place to help them achieve their full potential.

For this project Trebla and DJ Dange worked with Centre Stage collaborators Madman State, Shevelle, Foley, Mack Jeha, and Todz.



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