Connection in Isolation – Looking Down

The film piece brings the theme of looking out to nature and looking in to find connection to self. It is a short experiment which has evolved from the process of dancing and conversations between Danielle Teale and dancers with Parkinson’s who have engaged in online sessions during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Last year, the Dancing with Parkinson’s Company, directed by Danielle Teale, began to explore ‘Collective Identity’ which resulted in a performance at Poplar Union. During the CV19 lockdown, this theme became even more pertinent – collectively we have been isolated, and independently we have tried to find connection.

Through movement, Danielle and her dancers have worked together to express their shared isolation.

Film and vocal contributions from dancers of the Dancing with Parkinson’s Company, from their homes.

About the Artist

Danielle Tale is an independent Dance Artist, Choreographer and Artistic Director of Dancing with Parkinson’s Company, as well as Initiator of the Artists’ Exchange Programme .

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