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Designing and Building Furniture with RARA and Co-DB

Alongside the Fabric Printing workshop, RARA and Co-DB will be delivering the Designing and Building Furniture workshop where you can help create a wonderful new piece of furniture for Poplar Union. Together, they’ll be delivering the fit-out of the new Poplar Union spaces and they want you to get involved! They’ll be holding a series of half-day workshops across March to get interested local residents, young and old, involved in its design and construction!

The first workshop will be a chance to take part in an intensive and varied collective design process, led by their experienced staff. Together, you will develop a clear brief for your piece of furniture, looking in detail at possible locations, making quick models to test your ideas and bringing everything together in a set of annotated drawings. Their team will then go away and complete the design, before sourcing materials and preparing them for construction on site.

In the second workshop, you will be asked to help put everything together, looking at the sequencing process, assembling all the component parts and then adding creative touches to help finish the piece. At the end of the session, we’ll all celebrate with a special completion ceremony to which friends, family and neighbours will be invited!

Who are RARA and Co-DB?

RARA and Co-DB are two vibrant East London organisations that help communities take ownership of the creative processes vital in the shaping of their built environment.

As a co-operative open workshop, RARA is a maker-space with a fantastic DIY pedigree. Running for over eight years from its site in Clapton, it is home to a wide variety of clubs, events and builds, run by both its long-term members and temporary workshop users.

Collaborative Design and Build (Co-DB) is an award-winning company, bringing together designers, makers and problem solvers to work on both large and small scale projects across London and further afield. From their studio in the heart of the Lea Valley, they partner with creative and community organisations to design and construct furniture and build spaces and outdoor places that better represent the vitality and ambition of the people that use them.