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Emilia Stawicki & Box Theatre presents: Thank You and Goodnight.

Emilia does dating!

Emilia does…not know what she’s doing. To comprehend where you are (or where you’re not) you have to understand where you’ve come from. Join one woman on her journey as she valiantly attempts to answer the question, “so, why do you think you’re single?”  From a Catholic all girls school, to living in Mormon country, to looking for love abroad, anything that can go wrong, will.

About BOX. Theatre Company

BOX. Theatre Company was founded in September 2016 and is based in London and Cardiff. BOX. Celebrates emerging young voices in the industry, with work focusing on the weird and the wonderful. In 2018/19 BOX. Theatre Company toured their show ‘Camp Be Yourself’ written and performed by Emilia Stawicki and Betty Jane Walsh to venues including: Brighton Fringe (the Warren), Cardiff Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe (underbelly), Chelsea Theatre, Camden People’s Theatre and The Other Room in Cardiff. Emilia Stawicki is an American actress living and working in the UK after receiving an Exceptional Promise VISA for Theatre and is the creator of ‘THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT’.

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★★★★ “THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT is a celebration of womanhood, both passionate and authentic, a tale of feminist self-discovery that will make you think very carefully about the next date you go on.”- London Pub Theatres Magazine

A future hit at all fringe festivals we are predicting!’ – Olcan Media

Emilia’s physical humour and absurdity fit well in a piece that feels largely verbatim and comes as a welcome relief to other vey samey and sometimes deeply depressing dating plays that are out there today.” – Within Her Words

Audience reactions on social media:

This show made me cackle in that way where you’re worried you’re doing too much, and the rest of the audience will think you’re the performer’s best mate, and you’ve never met

One of the funniest shows out there

A feat of nature, nurture and love

THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT was so slick it should be a crime

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