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Friday Sessions: Mishti Dance Suite – STATE OF BENGAL TRIBUTE

Mishti Dance is back with a special tribute to Asian Underground pioneer SAM ZAMAN aka STATE OF BENGAL, marking the 7th anniversary of his passing. Live music from his former bandmates MARQUE GILMORE aka INNA MOST (DRUM FM) and RAMJAC w/ SPECIAL GUEST plus a live set from SAMIA MALIK and poetry from ANGELA RIDEAU.



Percussionist and live member of STATE OF BENGAL plays a special tribute set with RAMJAC and SPECIAL GUEST


British Pakistani Samia Malik writes, performs and produces bilingual Urdu and English songs, extending and subverting traditional Asian and Western musical and literary forms to explore contemporary issues around identity, race and gender.


Angela Rideau, aka ‘Poems From My Heart’, is a Spoken Word Artist and Podcaster. Her debut poetry collection: Honeybee Poems of Heritage Hurting, Resilience and Healing, speaks on the joys and difficulties of growing up as a brown girl, living within the diaspora. She shares poetry about encouraging positive social change, mental health, female empowerment and challenging taboo topics.


Bringing Roots Reggae music into the new era with the Digital Dub Machine.

DJ ISURU – Founder and Curator of Mishti Dance performs a STATE OF BENGAL Set b2b w/BEATWELL

+ Special visual presentations from HOUSE OF NARI

A Message from Mishti Dance founder

“Since 2018 Poplar Union have been kindly providing the space for my Asian Underground inspired night “Mishti Dance”, meaning Sweet Dance in Bengali. I took the name from a track by State of Bengal from his 1998 album Visual Audio.

The music of State of Bengal is a visceral tour de force that arguably defined the Asian Underground movement. Jam packed productions featuring samples from Indian records clashing with UK Jungle by way of Indo Jazz sensuousness to create a collage reflective of the 2 sides of every 2nd generation British Asian identity.

The music is deeply spiritual and communicates to me on a cosmic level. Sam’s work and ethos has influenced my entire life and I envy anyone who is about to start their explorations into his body of work.

Two quotes from Sam have been very inspirational to me:

“State of Bengal is like an attitude really and the attitude is look we are all in this planet only for a minuscule time and you have to ask yourself why you are here?, and if you’re here, what’s your reason for here? and so I’m trying to communicate musically through the senses not on any other level”

“The whole idea of artistic ability and artistic development is that you change it for the time…that you do move it with the time, that you move it forward, you move it ahead of time and that’s what experimentation is, it ain’t about being morose and keeping it the same for like 200 years, that’s b*llocks!”

– Sam Zaman.
(1965 – 2015)

Rest in Power!”

Check out DJ Isuru’s “British Asian Music Series” featuring Interviews with Asian Underground artists, including many of State of Bengal’s contemporaries at here.

Fri 20 May 7pm-10:30pm

Age range: All ages welcome

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