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Cath Roberts

Cath Roberts, poplar union, jazz, live jazz, jazz herstory, east London, music
Cath Roberts, poplar union, jazz, live jazz, jazz herstory, east London, music

Jazz Herstory welcomes saxophonist, producer and composer, Cath Roberts.

Cath Roberts is a saxophonist, jazz promoter, record label manager, producer and composer. She has toured across the UK and Europe, contributing a huge amount to the production of music in and around London.

Her music is very spontaneous, drawing on repeated phrases, pulled in all directions by various members of the band at different times, shared and passed around and developed. The music seems to grow out of nowhere and submerges you in a musical journey.

Line Up

Cath Roberts on saxophone
Tullis Rennie on trombone
Otto Willberg on double bass

About Jazz Herstory

Jazz Herstory presents female led bands playing jazz now, spanning styles, sounds and generations. Showcasing the richness of jazz being made in the UK today and celebrating the women who contribute, Jazz Herstory presents award winning bands and instrumentalists, composers of national and international acclaim and people making waves locally.

We aim to share: to bring women from the background to a balanced foreground in jazz. Female instrumentalists have not been part of the story of jazz as much as their male counterparts and we want to play a part in writing a more balanced story from here on in and dissolve stereotypes in the process.

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