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Moulded Theatre  Company present:  Swish!

Moulded Theatre, Poplar Union, Swish!, childrens theatre, theatre for SEND children, East London, things to do with the kids
Moulded Theatre, Poplar Union, Swish!, childrens theatre, theatre for SEND children, East London, things to do with the kids

Swish, swoosh, splosh!

Welcome to the Ocean! Come and join the fun with Dotty, Blue and Olive on the reef – and help them watch out for the strange orange Tangle and other mysterious things that keep appearing in the ocean.

Featuring puppetry, Makaton and plenty of audience interaction, Swish is a playful multisensory exploration of life underwater and the positive ways in which we can reduce plastic in the ocean.

Swish is suitable for complex needs audiences and groups.

About the characters


Swish, moulded theatre, children's theatre

Dotty is based on a Whitespotted Surgeonfish. The small white spots on a surgeonfish mimic bubbles in the sea, creating a camouflage for the fish against predators.


Blue is based on a Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray. This species of ray can be found living on coral reefs and typically hides itself in the sandy sea bed, sometimes with just their eyes showing!


olive, Swish, Moulded Theatre, Poplar Union, children's theatre, East London

Olive is based on an Olive Ridley Turtle. Ghost nets, which are what abandoned fishing nets are called, make up 46% of all the plastic in the oceans. These ghost nets are a real threat to turtles who can become tangled in them, causing injury.

Reviews from Ribbet Ribbet Croak tour

Ribbet Ribbet Croak is a brilliant concoction of storytelling, physical theatre and comedy, incorporating multisensory elements and Makaton. Moulded Theatre captivate the audience as we are invited into the world of Grandma and Grandpa Frog.” – Fiona Johnstone, Discover Children’s Story Centre

The audience loved it! Colourful, original and it made us laugh. Truly accessible theatre for all.” – Theresa Brockway – The Cockpit Theatre.

★★★ The Stage – “a great success
★★★★ Broadway Baby – “a gentle and successful piece of theatre
★★★ The List – “inventive sensory elements for an early years audience
★★★★ Threeweeks – “plenty to see, things to touch and lots of sensory audience participation

About Moulded Theatre Company

We strive to create theatre that is accessible to all ages and provide opportunities to explore ideas and topics in order to fuel the imagination.

Our style is predominantly devised and physical, incorporating elements from other art forms, including puppetry, books and music. As an ensemble of three, we aim to utilise our collective skills and talents to create exciting, intriguing and thought provoking theatre that challenges and encourages discussion within our audience, as well as being an enjoyable experience.

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