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Musicjelly: Audio-Visual Music Machine – 31st Mar 2017

An unmissable addictive experience that allows participants to mashup short music videos, using touch-screens to trigger the projections.

This six-channel music piece lets you create your own music compositions, working like W.S. Burroughs did with words, entering a fascinating and ever-changing loop-based music journey through filmed live performances and locations all around London and beyond.

The Audio-Visual Music Machine is the result of an organic visual sampling process created through years of collecting hundreds of artists’ improvisations on camera phones and mobile recording devices.

Cross-genre musicians & dancers, beatboxers, turntablists, spoken word artists, objects – you name it, you’ll find them all brought together in this mesmerising VJ sampling experience.

This event will be running all day; please book your slot on arrival. Please note there may be queues at certain times of the day.

Audiovisual Music Machine – Interactive Installation from Musicjelly on Vimeo.