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Nell Hardy & Response Ability Theatre present: NoMad Inside Us Workshops

A safe space to seek empowerment in the body and voice through expressions of the inexpressible things inside us.

What to expect

Sometimes the most important things about us are the hardest to express. Sometimes the things we can’t define consume us far more than they need to. Sometimes our perceived inner weaknesses are actually our greatest strengths.

But who deserves to see them? And how do we find authority in articulating them?

Aimed at survivors of homelessness and/or mental health trauma, but suitable for anyone who lives in fear of an invisible beast inside them, this workshop is a safe space to seek empowerment in the body and voice through expressions of the inexpressible.

Trigger Warnings

Participants will be invited to reflect on challenging aspects of or moments in their lives and some may choose to share personal things, so we cannot guarantee what content will and will not come into the space. The group is limited to 10 participants, so will be small, confidential and safe.

Please note that photographs will be taken throughout this workshop for use on R.A.T.’s website and future marketing. You will have the option on arrival of whether or not to consent to pictures in which you are recognisable being used in this way.

About Nell Hardy

Nell is an ex-homeless actor, writer, theatre-maker and facilitator living, laughing and loving with complex trauma. She started her career from an emergency hostel seven years ago, and if anything has gotten even less sensible since then. This is the inaugural project for her company, Response Ability Theatre (R.A.T.), which represents and supports people whose lives have been derailed by trauma: telling their stories on professional stages in collaboration with them, engaging audiences’ social awareness in visceral but compassionate ways, and working directly with survivors and their service providers to find creative routes to their renewed self-respect, ambition and hope.


such a refreshing workshop

a psychologically-unlocking experience

gave me moments of joy which I will remember for a long time

Nell Hardy’s show NoMad will also be showing at Poplar Union as part of Mindful Mess Festival on Tuesday 16 November.

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