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Non-alcoholic ‘sip and paint’ workshop

Join our ‘Step-by-Step Landscape’ workshop, fostering a relaxed yet insightful atmosphere for creating stunning landscape art on canvas using acrylic paint. In this workshop you will be able to familiarise yourself with acrylic paint and how to use it properly and efficiently. Explore nature through an Islamic perspective and dive into color theory, technique breakdowns, and hands-on guidance to craft your unique masterpiece.

Facilitator bio: Sneha Chowdhury is a poet, writer and self-taught artist/musician. As an English Literature graduate from the University of Cambridge and Law conversion student, she continues to cultivate her creative inclinations by harnessing her literary imagination to supplement her painterly skill.

Her self-taught painterly work, largely inspired by the Sublime, has been of landscapes since the age of fifteen and her passion has only grown more intense. Attuned to her affinity for the natural world, she has directed her artistic impulses to render the scenes that best facilitate her contemplation of God’s creative capacity. Which is to say that although she is a painter, she understands that Allah is the ultimate Artist.