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Percussion and Dance Course with Dendê Bloco: Run-Up To Carnival!

This summer Mac Dendê leads this 8-week course of Afro-Brazilian percussion workshops, joined by dance teacher Marina Pinho in preparation for taking to the streets of London for the Hackney One Carnival on Sunday 9 September!

What to expect

Drumming with Mac – 7pm-8pm

Mac, leader of the Samba Reggae crew Dendê Nation, respectfully teaches Bahia’s Afro-Brazilian bloco traditions, with fun and uplifting percussion sessions that are rebellious and rejoicing! Drums are provided. 

Dancing with Mariana – 8pm-9.30pm

Mariana Pinho is an intercultural energy that has taught Brazilian dance around the world and invites you to jump, shake and sweat as samba reggae (along with Ijexa and other Orixas beats and movements), will lift your spirits and connect your body with the beats of the Afro Blocos of Salvador! The drummers from the 7pm session will accompany these dance classes, putting it into practise for the carnival performance.

Sunday 2 September – Final rehearsal and costume making day


£75 – 8-week course in Drum OR Dance *
£30 – 8-week course for concessions and E14 residents residents in Dance OR Dance

£130 – 8-week course in Drum AND Dance
£60 – 8-week course for concessions and E14 residents in Dance AND Dance

£10 – Drop-in on the door

* Please note – To book the full 8-week course, only select Wednesday 4 July (drumming or/and dancing) at checkout.

Please call our box office if you have any trouble booking – 020 3039 3330


Photo credit Vero Leopoldinho