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Scratch, Crackle & POP! Late Bloom Edition

scratch crackle pop, poplar union, scratch night, showcase, poets, writers, performers, platform, east London, arts, theatre
scratch crackle pop, poplar union, scratch night, showcase, poets, writers, performers, platform, east London, arts, theatre

Poplar Union’s scratch night showcases new work from writers, performers and poets, giving audiences a taste of upcoming and developing shows.

This season, Scratch, Crackle and POP! has travelled to Canary Wharf’s stunning Crossrail Roof Garden and is presented as the opening night of the annual Late Bloom Festival. There’s never been a better time to showcase your talent in such a unique, London setting. Find out more about Bloom here!


7pm-7.15pm: Vijay Patel: Sometimes I Leave

Vijay Patel makes work that crosses forms between live art, performance, cabaret and installations. The work he makes predominantly surrounds cultural identity, making political points about this within the contemporary condition.

Sometimes I Leave is Vijay’s new show which takes you on a neurodivergent journey through the process of needing to leave situations. It is fuelled by anxiety, the violence of ‘curing’ (experimental treatment) and our differently wired brains.
Vijay exploits his almost 20-year experience with Asperger’s syndrome (since diagnosis). Through performance art, video and theatre, he repeats and reclaims his own lived experiences. This is a show that smashes the stigma against ‘othered’ brains, that imagines existing in a world that, as opposed to discriminating unique ways of thinking, celebrates and cares for them. This is a 15 minute excerpt from the final show, which will be performed around the UK in Autumn 2019.

7.15pm-7.30pm: Silent Faces: Waiting for Waiting for Godot

“Let’s go.”
“We can’t.”
“Why not?”
“We’re waiting.”

Two people wait beneath a solitary tree on a country road – it’s a familiar scene, but something’s different this time. Following the critically acclaimed A Clown Show About Rain (‘Delightful’ – The Scotsman) and Follow Suit (‘Marvellously comic and compelling’ – The Stage), Silent Faces’ Waiting for Waiting for Godot asks who the British theatrical canon belongs to and examines what we must do to carve out our own niche when no space has been made for us.
Expect Silent Faces’ trademark style of playful, political, physical theatre as they ask “why are we still waiting for Waiting for Godot?”

Silent Faces is an integrated company of disabled and non-disabled artists; we are fascinated by and seek to explore this unique collaboration in our work, employing our unique style of high-concept, metaphorical, playful theatre to push the boundaries of clown and physical theatre in a contemporary political context.

7.30pm-7.45pm: Katie Lou

London based poet, spoken word artist and overall creative Katie (performer name Klastro) will be performing a selection of poems including Menkind, Daily Grind of Commuting and Brainbox.

Katie’s University Placement at Rich Mix in Shoreditch, gave her the confidence and platform towards performing her own written work. She discusses various topics- ranging from city humour, UK lifestyles to broader societal issues. In addition to featuring in poetry anthologies and online publications, she won the top cash prize of £200 via the Guestlist Network publication’s ‘Cash Genie’ competition prize, coming up with their “Wittiest Rhyme”.

7.45pm-8.00pm: Lucie Buncombe: Charlie

Charlie explores the responses of two strangers to a death of a mutual friend. Inspired by the recent events of the Bristol River Deaths, the piece explores themes of friendship, loss, and asks the question… how well do we really know each other?

8.00pm-8.15pm: Emilia Stawicki: Thank You and Goodnight

Emilia does dating! Emilia does…not know what she’s doing. To comprehend where you are (or where you’re not) you have to understand where you’ve come from. Join one woman on her journey as she valiantly attempts to answer the question, “so, why do you think you’re single?” From a Catholic all girls school, to living in Mormon country, to looking for love abroad, anything that can go wrong, will.

Emilia Stawicki is an American Actress and writer living and working in the UK on an Exceptional Promise Visa for Theatre.

8.15pm-8.45pm – Catherine Duquette: Conception

Conception explores early motherhood and asks how we might create the future we want – freeing ourselves from thinking it impossible. Catherine is an American interactive theatre artist, whose participatory works bridge performance, game design, and social activism and explore the social forces that shape our contemporary experiences.

8.45pm-9pm: Flo & Nick Gilbert: When Harry Met Hermione

Nick and Flo have been making theatre for six years, both together and independently, touring around the UK and internationally.

They grew up with Harry and Hermione. Together they want to look at why male/female relationships are often viewed with suspicion; full of tricky territory, sexual tension and stark differences. Can men and women just be friends? Or is that a work of fiction?