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Sunny Jar Zero Waste Summer Night

The Sunny Jar team is back to celebrate the start of the summer with their popular Zero waste Night.


*An intro into low waste living talk and Q&A
*Planting and propagating air filtering plants workshop, indoor gardening tips and a plants swap
*A clothes mending workshop where you will be shown the art of darning, bring something with a hole that needs fixing
*A clothes and books swap (£3 to take part)
*Collective art corner

This is a pay what you feel event. All profits from the night will go towards funding Sunny Jar’s local community projects such as their borrow a bag scheme and establishing a neighbourhood food coop.

Sunny Jar is a social enterprise working on creating opportunities for people to learn and share skills on how to live more sustainably. Their zero waste night is run entirely on a voluntary basis. Please get in touch if you would like to volunteer with them.

About Sunny Jar Eco Hub

Sunny Jar is an idea that was conceived by three local residents: Maud and Linda. With the growing problem of plastic in our oceans and streets, we wanted to encourage others to live more thoughtfully; making a positive contribution to our local area and the environment. Our name represents our vision. ‘Sunny’ because we want to create a bright, happy and optimistic place for people to connect. ‘Jar’ symbolizes the concepts of recycling, reusing, crafting and resilience- in contrast to the throwaway lifestyle.

If you’d like to join Sunny Jar on this new venture get in touch:
Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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Tue 16 June 6.30pm-9pm

Pay what you feel (£3 OTD to take part in the clothes/book swap)
Age range: 12+

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