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The Miser (Bengali: Konjus) by Molière, adapted and translated by Tarik Anam

The Miser by renowned French playwright Molière tells the tale of the bourgeois Miser and his love for wealth, which often exceeds his affection for his children. Transported from 17th Century Paris to contemporary Old Dhaka, Charon bring the story to life in this charming Bengali translation, full of twists and surprises.

Poplar Union are proud to showcase this work in progress of what promises to be a thrilling and imaginative retelling of one of Moliere’s most celebrated comedies.

Charon Cultural Centre

Charon is an East London based community organisation engaged in promoting Bengali language, literature and culture in UK. One of its aims is to help Bengali diaspora integrate with and contribute to the mainstream British society while celebrating their distinct cultural identity and rich heritage. Charon’s music and drama groups have performed in various locations in London. They also participate in local festivals like ‘A Season of Bangla Drama’ and ‘Boishakhi Mela’ organised by the Tower Hamlets council. Charon has been running a regular monthly study circle for the last 14 years, where wide ranging topics including art, philosophy, history, science etc. are covered. Charon celebrates important events in the Bengali-British calendar and also organises regular seminars as part of its community engagement programme.