Imogen Webb: Abstractions of Poplar Art Exhibition

Imogen Webb: Abstractions of Poplar Art Exhibition

Exhibition runs from 18th January 2024 – 18th February 2024

Open weekdays from 8:00am – 8:00pm, and weekends 8am – 4pm

Opening night: Thursday 18th January, 5pm – 7pm


Artist Statement

I live and work in Poplar, overlooking the unexpectedly diverse ecosystem of the Limehouse Cut canal, which I walk along every day. I have always had a flair for the creative, spending many hours of my childhood deeply engrossed in countless artistic projects. My practice has grown and evolved over the years, and is closely linked to my love of the natural world – passing time outdoors and around nature is a central part of my daily life.

My architectural and interior design background drives my desire to enhance the spaces we occupy: creating delight is my central tenet. However, my life’s work is painting, and it is through my art that I feel most able to convey this delight so that you can experience it too.

I paint for joy: the creation process is both an expression of my joy, and something that brings me joy. When I paint, I am fully present in the here and now, directly connecting with the physical and visual world. My work is a celebration of vivid colour, energy, and the beauty of our environment.

This manifestation of joy has become increasingly important to me emotionally, as someone who is profoundly affected by the sadness, struggle, destruction and oppression we witness on a daily basis – and for many of us, experience directly. Being able to meaningfully participate in joy and whimsy is essential for me and, I believe, everyone else who feels as deeply as I do.

Joy is something I hope to bring you through my art.


About The Artist

Imogen is an abstract artist, working in Poplar, London, UK. She has been painting all her life, gravitating towards abstract expression in more recent years.

With formal training in both art and architecture, her work is an interpretation of space achieved by layering and mark-making. Imogen sees the canvas as a way to convey depth and movement on a two-dimensional plane, creating a sense of visceral experience through her work.

Bold colours and dynamic forms have a strong emotional pull for Imogen, which is evident in her practice. The feelings she has when noticing moments of beauty in the natural world are key inspirations for her painting.


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