Migratorial identities – Short films

Creative Director at Poplar Union, Paolo Fiorentini, and artist filmmaker, Kulwinder Bajar, screen a selection of short films on issues of identity, food and social inadequacy.

Saturday 9 March 10am-5.30pm (drop in)
Location: Mike

Tasting tales

Kulwinder Bajar

A film exploring East London tropical fruit markets and diasporic migrant history. Sharing tropical fruit adventures, family memories and stories located in cultural identity.

Jelly Face

Miriam Kilpatrik

Jelly Face is an investigation on how body dysmorphia is transforming the perception of the artist’s face. The jiggling vibration of the jelly is repulsive and mesmerising at the same time, enabling the performer to process obsessive thoughts related to her face.

Somatic Grammar

Miriam Kilpatrik, Paolo Fiorentini

Through a series of conversations involving the acts of eating and cleaning, we explore actions, reactions and consequences. With undertones of sexuality and the human form, loss of control and the struggle to regain it, we probe whether the marks that actions in life leave on us can ever be erased.


Paula von Seth

The video Apology inquires ceremonies of apology in London during the bi-century of the British abolition of the slave trade in 2007.

Saturday 9 March 10am-5.30pm (drop in)
Location: Mike