Windrush Generation Installation

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An interactive, immersive installation from artist and DJ Soft Wax which commemorates the 70th Anniversary of the Empire Windrush.

The exhibition will be displayed in The Library at Poplar Union, and runs from Saturday 7 – Sunday 15 July, 2018

About the exhibition

This installation reimagines a living room of a family of Jamaican origin set up for a Blues Dance towards the end of the 1950s. Surrounded by informative text and original illustrations, the exhibition revolves around a collection of original 78rpm recordings which would have been heard on the earliest sound systems in Britain in the mid-to-late 50s.

Fascinating for new audiences whilst evoking distant memories for others, provoking the question of How Far Have We Come?

Meet the artist

Come and meet the artist, share your thoughts and play some records!

Saturday 7 July – 4pm-6pm

Tuesday 10 July – 4pm-6pm

Friday 13 July – 4pm-6pm (just before Live in the Library)

*No need to book, just turn up

About the Artist

Soft Wax is an artist and DJ who looks at the margins where music meets sound art and installation art meets visual art.

Soft Wax has been a Zelig-like figure in the sphere of roots rock rebel music for several decades. He has been at the helm of some of the UK’s best dub and reggae nights, as well as performance art and installation events.

Much of Soft Wax is inspired by the music of Jamaican origin and is concerned with cultures of resistance; considerable attention is paid to visual and cultural presentation.

This exhibition is part of Soft Wax’s Gala Blues Party on Saturday 14 July, paying homage to the Blues Dances of the Windrush Generation. Find out more here